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Is hiring candidates becoming
tedious and time consuming?

Conventional hiring processes rely on a series of exhaustive steps
which are inefficient and time consuming

Our Solution

24x7 personal relations manager

Our ML algorithm shortlists the resumes instantaneously

Concise list of potential candidates reduces time

Is it challenging to find
suitable candidates?

Traditional assessment methods are incapable of determining suitability and
skill level of a candidate due to complex job profiles

Our Solution

Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Product

Curated Filtering Using AI Enabled System

Specialized Assessment Specific to your product

Best fit candidates for your workspace

Modern Assessment : Hiring Challenge

Stay ahead of the game

Hiring challenges will help you in reducing the development time of your MVP, so that you can iterate rapidly and leap ahead of the competitors.

Hire the specialist you are looking for

As product based challenges come closest to testing real world capabilities of a candidate, you can be certain about the suitability of the student

Market Brand

Hiring challenges often involve extensive promotions which will bring recognition to your brand

Diversity brings innovation

Hiring challenges provide grounds for new solutions which could be a way to break into new markets or open up entire new customer bases

How we help you organize the hiring challenge in 4 easy steps

We study your problem

Our ML algo finds the most befitting College where you could find the best fit for your needs

ingenious students crack the problem

you get the soln & the specialist thriftily

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